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Things to know about lamps

When the design of lighting devices is done, selecting a proper lamp holder, also known as light bulb sockets or light bulb holders, is a necessary step in the procedure. Choosing the bulb will depend upon several variables like size, the bulb's life, energy effectiveness, lumens and size. 

After selecting a bulb, a lamp holder parameters' review can start. Whereas the exact design and development of the lamp holder vary depending upon the intended bulb application and type, a locking mechanism, such as pins or threads, helps establish a safe connection between the lamp holder and lamp.

As mentioned above, lamp holders come in several variations, each of which suits a particular bulb type. Since the designs of bulbs can vary, for instance, bayonet base vs Edison screw and size, it's important to understand what kinds of bulbs are suitable for use with a particular lamp holder to make sure that you choose the correct one for your lightning technology.

Different Types of Lamp Holders

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Bayonet base lamp holders accommodate Bayonet-base lamps. These bulbs, sometimes known as lock and twist, feature two pins to facilitate locking and twisting the bulb into place.

In the automobile industry, bayonet base bulbs were used for a long span of time because they were rugged and could be easily replaced. Light emitting diode lamp holders have replaced them. 

Halogen Lamp Holders

These lamp holders are used with halogen lamps. Technically, halogen bulbs are incandescent bulbs' variations as they depend upon a tungsten filament's heating for producing light. Nevertheless, they differ from standard incandescent bulbs regarding the gas and glass enveloped contained in the envelope.

These differences in design lead to hotter operating temperatures, longer live services, and more excellent brightness. Due to these reasons, they are frequently used in various residential and commercial applications. They are also integrated into special gadgets like food heaters and projectors.

The variation of the halogen lamp holders depends upon the intended bulb. They can be tailor-made to accommodate various bulb sizes and feature multiple design elements.

Metal Halide Lamp Holders

Metal halide lamps are high-intensity discharge lamps that provide efficiency ratings up to three to five times greater than the efficiency ratings of incandescent lamps. They depend upon passing electricity through a special gaseous mixture comprising metal halides, argon/xenon, and mercury to produce light.

The produced light necessitates the employment of durable materials for constructing the lamp holder and lamp. This need is further exacerbated by the usual use cases of metal halide lamps- i.e the lighting of outdoor areas like sports arenas, parking lots and streets.

The ceramic lamp holder is a comparatively new kind of LED lamp holder that needs to be manufactured by a led holder manufacturer with a led holder so that reliable and safe lamps can be manufactured to protect the users of the lamp in this competitive world.

The ceramic LED lamp holder is characterized by excellent light transmission and high intensity, which can be useful for its users.