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Different Types of Light Switches - Where To Buy Fancy Light Switches?

A small change can make a significant impact; similar goes to light switches. At first glance, they are just light switches to turn ON/OFF your lights, but they play a vital role in your room or house's overall look and aesthetics. Making the extra effort on fancy light switches, decretive pillow covers, or inner lighting can lift your overall look of the interior house.

There are countless types of light switches out there, and it all depends on your personal preferences and how the light switch goes with another element of the room like wall color, furniture style, door designs can give a great contrast with your light switch design.

You can find endless fancy light switch providers, especially on the internet. The internet is packed with top fancy light switch exporters and companies where you can get custom or designer decretive fancy light switches without breaking your bank.

Types of Light Switches

Light switches can be many different types, and you can even custom make them according to your needs and the overall look at the surrounding. Here are six different types of light switches:

1. TOGGLE Switch

These switches are the OG design of light switches. It's the most common or first switch design type. The toggle switch, also known as Dolly switches, contains a small lever that can flick ON & OFF. Toggle switches come in so many different designs, and these switches go great with vintage aesthetics.

2. Dimmer Switch

Dimmer switches are a modern type of switches, these switches are the combination of a fan dimmer and light switch, but simple types of dimmer switches can only dim your light. Still, modern dimmer switches allow you to cover more than one light or even fan from the same switch.

3. Push Button Switch

Push-button switches or simply button switches are also another classy but straightforward type of light switches. In the old-time, these switches are ubiquitous, but nowadays, you rarely see these types of switches. These switches are best for studios, hotel rooms, and vintage-style interiors.

4. Rocker Switch

You use these types of light switches; even your house may have these sorts of switches. Rocker switches are the most common light switches all around the globe, and they work on a rocking chair principle. That's why there are called rocker switches. One side (Upperside) is on, and the downward side of the switch is off.

5. Proximity Switches

Proximity switches, or you can even call them timer switches. These light switches contain a timer, and after the timer passes, the light switches off lights at a particular time. Proximity switches are energy-efficient switches and are often used in basements and backyard shacks.

6. Motion-Activated Switches 

It is the most modern and advanced type of light switch. Motion-activated switches light up on motion activity. These switches are commonly used for intruder precaution reasons or use in garages and doorways.

Where To Buy Fancy Light Switches?

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The internet is packed with fancy light switches, and there are endless online fancy light switch providers all around the globe. When selecting fancy light switches, you need to consider a few things about the light switch.

Will it support your house wiring, and does it come with all the security features like fireproofing, heat-resistant steel plates, and children's safety doors?

Never select your light switches, considering the looks and design of the light switch. You can find premium and fancy-looking light switches at your nearest household store, or you can even order in bulk quantities for bulk use from Chinese light switch exporters.